Attempting Garage Band podcast…

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3 responses to “Attempting Garage Band podcast…

  1. Carol,
    This book was one of my favorite reads this past year. I took a peek at his website…he’s quite a prolific writer!
    Anyway, the podcast is pretty cool. It must be fun to do one. I hope to give it a try soon. Question: Why did I see only two “still” images of you, rather than a video-type thing with movement. Is it my computer?

  2. Hi Ruthie –
    I learned to podcast last spring with Audacity – I don’t think it had the option of any visual elements at all – so I was just experimenting w/ Garage Band and decided to throw in a couple of pix in a hurry. It looks as if one could add movies as well. As always with the internet, form and genres seem to morph and merge so quickly! I think of podcasts as mini “radio shows”; once you throw movies in there you’re adding a whole new level of complexity I should think… and your “radio show/booktalk” becomes a “TV show.” Long answer short, no, there’s nothing wrong with your computer! 🙂
    Thanks for the link to Alexie – I also read his adult mystery “Indian Killer” this summer. (When are they going to figure out how to let us do italics i comments? 😉

  3. Hi Carol,
    I downloaded Audacity, and I’m busy playing around with it- Thanks!

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